Protecting Your Skin Never Felt So Good

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Drinking water is good for you, but adding extra hydrogen to the mix can turbo boost your health. Studies show that hydrogen-rich water helps:

• Improve skin health at a cellular level, keeping you looking younger for longer;
• Lower inflammation (CRP), the root of most diseases;
• Improve blood sugar levels (diabetes is a major risk factor for most diseases);
• Lower cholesterol;
• Improve Parkinson’s symptoms;
• Improve athletic performance and recovery times.

Power up your water in the comfort of your own home using the Prager Hydro infusion bottle.

“I have trusted Dr Prager with my face for about 11 years. He is a genius! I am so grateful that I found the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and do if you haven’t been before, don’t be nervous, you are in very safe hands!”

Chloe Maidment

“The Hydrogen Bar at Dr Michael Prager’s Knightsbridge is famed for its ability to reduce the impact of oxidative stress”

“Subtle Rejuvenation is Prager's Speciality”

The Clinic & Store Experience

The success of the Prager Clinic lies in medical expertise and quality products combined with a holistic approach to matters of skin health and longevity. This means the correct use of Botox® and Dermal Filler, incredible skin-rejuvenating facials, immune-boosting ozone therapy, IV vitamin infusions and our own skincare products because we trust them.

Our facials mix medical knowledge with the finest ingredients designed to slow the aging process by retaining and regaining normal skin function and cell optimisation. Our skincare experts tailor treatments to not only target present and past skin damage, but to further provide your skin with preventative capacity for the future.

At The Prager Clinic we believe that beauty and good health walk hand-in-hand.

You only have one face.
Treat it well and treat it kindly.

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